The Stout is a full-bodied black beer with a pronounced roasted flavor, often similar to coffee and dark chocolate with some malty complexity. The balance can range from moderately bittersweet to bitter, with the more balanced versions having up to moderate malty richness and the bitter versions being quite dry. It has more body, richness, and often malt complexity than an Irish Dry Stout. Black in color, not brown like a porter. The American Stout is a fairly strong, highly roasted, bitter, hoppy black beer. It has the body and dark flavors typical of stouts with a more aggressive American hop character and bitterness. It generally has bolder roasted malt flavors and hopping than other traditional stouts. Like a hoppy, bitter, strongly roasted Stout. Much more roast and body than a Black IPA. Other variations of the style, like the Belgian Stout are included in this style.

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