If there is a beer revolution in Poland, we brew it from the very first day. On March 28, 2011, the first bunker of Ataku Chmiel was built. We use the experience we have gained over the years as home brewers, organizers of beer festivals and competitions, authors of articles and books on brewing. As PINTA, we were the first in Poland to offer the American version of IPA - Atak Chmielu (2011) and over 30 others - ales, lagers and sahti. As the first Polish brewery, we went to brew abroad - this is how Lublin was Dublin - Stout Oats brewed in Ireland jointly by PINTA and O'Hara's. From June 2014, we invite you to Viva la PINTA - a company pub in the center of Krakow. Be sure that we put all our experiences and passion into our work. We are still honing our skills. We love traveling - we always take PINTA even for the farthest ones. And we always bring a huge amount of inspiration that we share with you. Because comfort is not what counts, what matters is adventure. ;) PINTA: Grzesiek, Marek, Ziemek.