Eastside Brewing

East Side is a craft brewery located in the city of Latina (Lazio). The project came to life as Eastside Brewing in 2013 thanks to the passion of Luciano and the intuition of Alessio who immediately believed in the potential of his friend Brewer, shortly thereafter the team will be completed with three other partners: Tommaso, Fabio and Cristiano.
Our journey in the world of craft beer starts from the creation of a brew firm. In this way, alongside a brewer with proven experience (Luigi Serpe), we began to test the goodness of our "idea" of beer on the market. By virtue of the good consensus obtained during important events such as the EurHop festival and the subsequent growth in demand on the national territory, at the end of 2014 we decided to “take the plunge” by building a proprietary plant. In mid-2015, the East Side brewery was born.
The East Side journey is the result of a long series of experiences and experiments that over time have led us to love and create beers with a strong aromatic connotation. The love for tradition combined with the desire to experiment with new ingredients and production techniques, but above all the firm will to be original, is evident in all our recipes.
Our "mission" is to spread knowledge and love for craft beer even in those places where wine has always been the undisputed master. In fact, we believe our beers are a valid alternative with high organoleptic qualities.
Our “vision”, on the other hand, is a country in which beer obtains the right positioning in the food and wine scene, thanks to productions with ever higher quality standards.